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Liberty Performance and Strategy

Every project, company, team or individual requires clear definition of purpose or objective, a realistic path, plan and focus and the resources to effectively attain their vision. The ability to do it right the first time is earned by effective organizations. Liberty sees its role as adding and maintaining a true value added proposition for its partners and clients. 

Liberty Financial Focus

 Liberty provides CFO, Controller or specialty financial services for short term projects, temporary assignments and long term advisory fulfillment. Our people can supplement existing team and ensure that objective assessment and control imbalances are addressed. We provide or assist in regulatory and compliance services focused on using existing business processes to add value and keep costs low. Liberty also advises and executes on financing alternatives, public/private strategy, governance and exits for our clients. We work with our clients transparently from the beginning to define if our operational experience, focus and background can add value.

Liberty Operational Focus

With the shifting global and local demands, expertise shortages, shorter timelines for decisions and performance have become the norm. Now more than ever, non-performance in one area can lead to adverse ramifications across the board. Liberty`s resources include experienced members being able to not only identify but to mitigate risk.

Liberty is in the business of not only facilitating objective assessment but in filling service gaps to ensure each milestone is met. Liberty fulfills roles in short, medium and long term partnerships to suit the best interest of its clients.

Small through Medium Organizations and projects

  Expert focus on existing positive cash flow in businesses which need clarity, direction and objectivity; or hands on assistance to help in taking business and interests to a different level. Liberty works to ensure that there is not only a solid plan but a realistic one that provides well thought out and tested asset utilization and risk mitigation deployment.  We help work with stakeholders to execute early on defining success and exit strategies to drive positive outcomes.

Understanding your vision, ensuring your success.

Liberty: The power of choosing, thinking, and acting for oneself. 

The freedom to act.

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