About Us

About Liberty Advisory

Liberty and its associates work with dedicated professionals in logistics, technology, marketing, sales and management services to fit your business needs.

Primarily operating in Western Canada, we have been exposed to projects across the world. Through exposure to extreme growth, volatile commodity prices and cyclical industries we have developed a core generalist and specific expertise base that is unique.

Shifting global and local demands, expertise shortages, and shorter time lines for performance by organizations or project teams have become the norm. We work to boost performance in each aspect of your business as we believe to be successful each aspect has to work to make the whole a success.

We facilitate objective assessment but also assisting to fill service gaps so each milestone can be met effectively. To do this, Liberty fulfills roles in short, medium and long term partnering in the best interest of its clients.

Direct Industry experience in a variety of sectors include: Oil and Gas; upstream E&P, Downstream Processing, Oilfield Services, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Health administration systems and case management, in Canada, the US and other countries. Other industry experience has included Prepaid Debit Card Financial payments industry, Travel Reservation consolidation (GDS), Real Estate data base management, and Telecommunication Solutions.

Our professional driven generalist and specialist expertise helps create focus on adding value to your business and its stakeholders.

Reach out to us and we will move quickly to identify how we can help you directly or find the right resources to fill the specific requirements you have.

Understanding your vision, ensuring its success.

Liberty: The power of choosing, thinking, and acting for oneself. 

The freedom to act.