Industry Experience


  • Large, small and mid-size Exploration and Production Oil and Gas accounting administration, control and systems work for start-up through to mid-size and large strategically realigned business in both Canada and US.
  • Complex upstream and midstream Joint Venture Audit and project assessments, production design and implementation of plant agreements and procedures.
  • Large scale drilling, plant supply chain and logistics.
  • Project assessment in both Canada and the U.S. for small and large projects.
  • Downstream process project bidding, logistics and plant relocation projects.
  • Power generation operations and design.
  • Start up financing and other assessments for electric generation and Oil and Gas projects.
  • Financing and investor communications in asset backed lending and operational debt, equity and mezzanine finance projects.
  • Initial Public Offerings, Reverse Take overs, and other restructuring.
  • Oilfield Services and manufacturing advisory and CFO services in infrastructure, down hole pumping, regulatory management, OHS and other.

Information, Communication and Innovation

  • Finance, regulatory and public CFO services of rules based debit cards for companies and government stakeholders using varieties of settlement systems. 
  • Financing and planning for a VOIP telephone provider who provided backbone systems for Western Canadian independents.
  • Consolidation sales and marketing for Travel global distribution systems focused across North America and on every continent.
  • Early stage data base management of MLS data for real-estate industry.
  • Occupational health and safety assessment and management information systems for the various industries including health region, food provider and specialty oil and gas niches.   

Health Management Industry and OHS:

  • Occupational health and safety systems for small through large enterprise systems including health region, food processing and specialty oil and gas, etc.
  • Clinic management and claims systems of practitioners in Western Canada including the first Medical Record deployed in remote settings. US based enterprise medical protocols and claims processing for fortune 500 corporations including full risk Medicaid and Medicare.

Other Projects

Large scale agriculture operations, GIS industry, systems conversions etc.

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